9-Step Guide to Renting Your Dream Home


  1. Know What You Can Afford Whether you’re a first-time renter or an experienced renter, you must know what fits your budget. Learn how you can maximize your money to ensure you don’t over extend yourself. 
  2. Identify Your Rental Personality Before you even fill out an application, know what kind of rental might suit you. We have some ideas to help you narrow your criteria.
  3. Make Your Rental Search Mobile So you’re ready to hit the road and look for a place. Before you do, make sure to download the® Rental App. After you’ve installed it, we have tips and tricks to make your mobile search a breeze.   
  4. Know What to Ask a Potential Landlord Find something you like? Before you walk in the door, ensure you make a great first impression with a landlord. Here are some surprising facts landlords wish you knew.   
  5. Scope Out the ‘Hood Make sure your rental is in a good area. Read up on red flags to be aware of when looking at a place in an unfamiliar neighborhood.    
  6. Make Your Application Shine Don’t get shut out from a place you love. Once you’ve identified a dream rental, know how to make a good impression and avoid getting rejected by a landlord.   
  7. Read Your Rental Agreement Carefully Before you sign on the dotted line, know what’s in your rental agreement. Here are a few handy tips on what to ask your landlord prior to sealing the deal.   
  8. Decide Whether You Need Renter’s Insurance So you’re all moved in. But what about all your precious possessions? Without a homeowner’s policy, should you be concerned? Learn all about renter’s insurance. 
  9. Know Your Rights as a Renter If trouble arises with your landlord, how should you handle it? Learn what to do if you run into landlord problems.

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