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I don really want to do it through DCAs since we use them for other things. The GEQ could be a solution, but we have to do that for every scene. Also I think a mixer that is not running hot also doesn sound as good, or am I wrong? I just did some measurement yesterday, and the system runs at least up to 117.9 dBC..

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Faker, Pray, Bang, so many other players came to NA to play at worlds and hit high challenger with 70 80% win rate (starting at high elo). That just shows how hard so called “NA talent” gets outclassed by other regions’ talent when every region’s players can stomp NA soloq that hard, whereas most of the same people can’t do canada goose outlet toronto address anywhere near as good in KR or EU soloq.How anyone gets past that and calls you an asshole is beyond me. Sounds like you definitely doing your fair share and on top of having a nanny, I think it a sign that your wife is having a seriously hard time.

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